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Strategic marketing plans create growth.

Marketing today provides more options and creative ways to deliver your audience to your message. Those options come with complexity and management. Whether traditional broadcast or digital streaming, business-to-consumer or business-to-business marketing, our job is getting your brand message to your right audience, at the right time.

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Out-of-sight, out-of-mind is how it goes. Today, companies and products need to stay top-of-mind or they will quickly be replaced with another. Having a sustained effort is key to maintaining and growing your business.


This marketing strategy goes beyond awareness. It drives your audience to the next step of gathering more information about your company or products and interacting with it. The audience could be directed to your website or a specific landing page. They may visit your store to see the products in person.


Many businesses focus too much on “The Sell” when it comes to marketing. The fact is, that’s the easy strategy. Continuing to keep that customer or client as a loyal brand user is much harder. Providing support and ongoing information can go a long ways.

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ET Brick

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UT Health

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Marketing Process



Every company and product is unique and the marketing needs to be unique as well. We tailor all our marketing strategies to meet the needs of our clients’ budget and business needs by using the most effective and efficient strategies.



Once we know the delivery vehicle, we set out to create marketing materials that will deliver the brand message and strategy. Whether traditional or digital, your audience will certainly encounter multiple touchpoints with the brand.


After materials have been created, we manage the media and track the results. As data comes in, we make adjustments in marketing materials and media to continue to optimize their effectiveness and efficiency.

Marketing Services

Media + Strategy

Media + Strategy

Today, many companies buy their media direct. What they don’t buy is the knowledge of where and when it is to be placed. Media budgets can be squandered very quickly. When we place our clients’ media, we find the right place and the right time, and at no extra cost in most instances.


Our campaigns address all three needs of marketing: awareness, interaction, and integration. Not every buyer is ready, and they need to be provided information and an opportunity to buy when they reach that point. We will lead buyers to you with tailored messaging with right place, right time media.
Support Materials

Supporting Materials

When supporting an ad campaign, we make sure all the materials needed will be in place when it comes to interaction and integration. From brochures and displays to websites and social media, your audience will never be left wanting information to make an informed decision.

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