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With social media platforms constantly changing their algorithms, rules, and an ever changing landscape of trends in the social sphere, it can be difficult to grow and maintain followers. Just posting isn’t enough to grow an audience. Relevant content, campaigns, and sales funnels are needed to help make your social media strategic and effective.

Social Media Solutions


Social media is a perfect tool to help companies express their brand values and connect with people who share similar values and need for their solutions. Companies need to provide followers with helpful information, provide inspiration, and engagement where necessary. Building trust is the first step to creating loyal customers.

Products & Services

Social media provides expansive ways to communicate and demonstrate your products and or services. Social media provides the ability demonstrate your products’ or services’ solutions easily through timely posts, paid ad campaigns, and sales funnels.  Social media early adapts to your services needs.


Finding a good people and retaining good people is a constant in todays economic landscape. Being able to share your employees experiences helps demonstrate to potential prospects a good working enviroment. Social media also provides the ability to speak with prospects about current opportunities beyond a standard job listing.

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Social Media Process



It’s essential that social media communicates personality – yours – to connect with potential customers. Through interviews, research, and review of your company, we determine which elements will help you effectively engage with your online audience, and we map the architecture of a plan that will incorporate imagery, video, and more into your social feeds.


The social media machine’s always hungry, with a broad appetite. We utilize clients’ existing assets and create more for online feeds, fine-tuning resources for both wide appeal and targeted outreach. We craft content – graphics, contests, campaigns – for social interaction and traditional ‘media’ advertising, fueling brands’ growth alongside customer conversions.



We launch each client’s social feeds strategically and continue curating content to help them engage with users to best effect. We constantly monitor statistical information so that we can make needed adjustment to increase reach and effectiveness. And we are always thinking and anticipating the next campaign strategy. Social media never ends.

Social Media Services

Social Media Posts


There are a myriad of factors that come into play in an effective social media strategy beyond the basic content of a post, images, photos, video, or simple text. Posting frequency plays a role as well as timing, positive/negative phrasing, and more, and it varies by platform. We factor it all into both broad and narrow strategies for success.

Paid Social Media Ads

Paid Ads/Campaigns

Wether a boost, a single ad or multi ad campaign, We work with our clients to use their online advertising dollars to best effect to extend messaging beyond their native audience. Testing with consistent monitoring allows us to make quick adjustments to refine ads to maximize reach and engagement. 
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Sales Funnels

Using paid ads to start a sales funnel campaign is a cost effective way to drive sales for your company and products. Wether business to consumer or business to business, there is a  social media platform that can provide the right launch pad targeting your perfect customer. 

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