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Enticing parents to consider private school for a more well-rounded experience over simply sending their kids to public school typically isn’t that hard of a sell. The bigger decision tends to revolve around WHICH private school to choose. This was not the case in Longview, Texas where Trinity School of Texas is located. In working to identify TST’s marketing strategy, we began to see Longview parents take a position toward private education not seen elsewhere in the region. These parents attended Longview public schools and felt they received a quality education, so why wouldn’t the same be good enough for their children? Why pay for private education when public offerings are adequate?

It was going to take a strong brand strategy to repackage and retell their story. A Trinity School of Texas education goes far beyond the basics of meeting state requirements, which is generally the focus of public schools. Their holistic education considers the student’s mental, emotional, and spiritual intelligence to form an education that literally cannot be delivered in a textbook. That created the brand position of Education Without Limits. We used this to guide our message to focus on the values and ethics instilled in students are what parents are investing in beyond grade school and it will pay dividends throughout their post-secondary and professional careers.


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