April 8th – 15th in Tyler, Texas

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Are you ready for a thrilling adventure in Tyler, Texas?

Join the hunt, and help cue:creative celebrate our 20th year anniversary! Follow the rules and get a change to win our $2002 grand prize if you complete all the tasks or one of our randomly awarded $100 daily prizes (one per day) just for participating! (Rules and Conditions apply)

We’ll be dropping daily clues and tasks on social media via our Facebook Event Page and anyone 18-or-older can join the challenge!

We are excited to have you join us on this 8-day adventure beginning on April 8th and culminating with our final tasks on April 15.


1. Participants must follow our Facebook business page in order to qualify for any prizes.

2. All participants must adhere to the time limits set by cue:creative.

3. All participants must return to the designated finish point with all tasks completed by the specified date & time in order to win.

4. All participants must provide their own transportation.

5. Facebook and Instagram are not partners in this event and therefore not held liable for any damages or injuries that occur to businesses, properties, participants or bystanders.

6. All participants must provide their own smartphone and social media accounts to participate.

7. All participants are responsible for wearing appropriate clothing and footwear.

8. All participants must act in a respectful and courteous manner toward other participants and the general public.

9. Participants must follow ALL tasks given for each clue, including posting/sharing to their own social media feeds, using the designated hashtags, and uploading photos via Messenger when directed to qualify to win any randomly-awarded daily prizes or the grand prize.

10. Participants must be 18 years-old or older to upload/submit complete tasks. Participants under the age of 18 must partner with an adult and be accompanied by an adult during the duration of the cue’s:clues event at all times and must abide by local and state laws involving curfews.

11. Participants will be disqualified for trash-talking, bullying, trolling, harassing, or making threats of any kind toward any other participants, businesses, employees on social media or in person.

12. Qualifying participants must show all tasks completed under only one social media account. Clues and tasks cannot be presented under multiple accounts or collaboratively.

13. Participants must not tamper with, destroy, hide, or alter any clues in order to deceive, trick, or advance their position in the clue’s:cues event. If a participant tampers with, destroys, hides, or alters any clues, tasks, or challenges they will be immediately disqualified from the event and will not be eligible to win any prizes.

14. One (1) $100 cash prize will be awarded randomly every day during the duration of the cue’s:clues event to one (1) qualifying participant per day. To qualify for a daily prize, the participant must complete each clue, task, and challenge set forth by the cue’s:clues for that day as well as be current with each past clue, task, and/or challenge from the day(s) prior.

15. Participants must make their posts public on social media in order to qualify to win any prizes through the cue’s:clues event.

16. Daily cues:clues will be released each day April 8 through April 15 at approximately 9:00AM on the cue’s:clues event page.

17. Daily prize winners will be announced on the following day April 9 through April 14 by approximately 2PM on the cue’s:clues event page.

18. A single grand prize of $2,002 cash will be awarded to one qualifying participant. To qualify for the grand prize, the participant must be current and show each completed clue, task, and challenge set forth by cue’s:clues for each day upon conclusion of the last challenge of cue’s:clues per the request of any cue:creative staff member. If the participant has not completed a clue, task, or challenge at the conclusion of the cue’s:clues event, they will NOT be considered qualified and will have the opportunity to try to complete the task prior to another qualifying participant successfully claiming the grand prize and concluding the cue’s:clues event.


1. All participants must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by cue:creative.

2. The cue’s:clues scavenger hunt must be completed in a safe and responsible manner.

3. All participants must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and safety protocols.

4. All participants must respect private property and others’ rights when participating in the scavenger hunt.

5. Any activity that could cause harm to a person or property must be strictly avoided.

6. cue:creative is not responsible for any liabilities, injuries, or damages to property or persons incurred by or caused by scavenger hunt participants.