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Henry & Peters is a public accounting firm based in Tyler, Texas. When they came to us, they faced a few challenges. A common dilemma that many accounting firms (and many businesses of this kind face), is that they can often come off as rigid from a marketing perspective. Another of the challenges that Henry & Peters faced was their public image to prospective employees. Being an accounting firm located in a town the size of Tyler had challenges in and of itself in terms of recruitment. We also had to elevate their brand to the point where they could compete for new employees against larger firms located in metropolitan areas such as Dallas or Houston.

How we overcame these challenges was simple. We added up the sum of all their parts. We did not want to solely focus on their years of experience. Instead, we communicated “heritage” through the use of their existing brand’s gold. Filtered images helped to give a slight nod to their professional heritage while adding a modern feel. And the implementation of a new tagline helped to set their position— “More Than Accounting.” This all set the stage to define them as a company that did more than CPA work, and reflected the nature of the company’s contemporary culture. We produced a new website for them, along with industry-specific brochures and signage. All of which broke down their services into different categories which demonstrated they offered unique and specialized services for different industries. New recruitment brochures and trade show both graphics also created a contemporary brand style, and allowed them to compete with the national firms for recruitment of new employees.


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